About Shirley Wanderley

My background

I grew up in Brazil, in a loving family, my parents and four children. My mother was an entrepreneur and my father worked for a corporative. My parents were both driven, passionate and very hardworking. They wanted to build a good professional career, provide for their family and give extraordinary service to their customers. Later on, my father also became an entrepreneur in Real State, at some point due to life my parents divorced and the four of us lived mostly with my mother, a strong, beautiful and impactful woman with a big smile.


I saw the hustle from close by, balancing life, kids, bills and business. One day has only 24h, what should I do first question or how do I get everything done? Prospecting new customers, marketing the business, thinking about new products, how to increase conversion, or doing paperwork—at the same time, managing four kids and giving attention and support to friends and family. My mother was always busy, giving her all every day. She lived a life of purpose, doing the things she liked, the way she liked it.

But it has always intrigued me how she could work so hard and never be or feel ready.
While she was happy being creative and doing so many things she loved, she still faced a lot of stress, financial insecurity, or just the question, what should be my next step...

Day and night busy with your business: Entrepreneurship is fantastic, challenging and contagious. Entrepreneurs are constantly working on their "baby", their company.

However, as an entrepreneur, you could choose your hours, in practice, it's easy to stay busy non-stop. If is it not physical, then it's mental. 






My experience

I moved abroad at young age and build my life in Belgium, I worked for an amazing international corporate company since 2001, from 2004 in management roles coaching teams to get results and grow our company. I had the opportunity to learn and evolve and got amazing results such as some prizes as being named the best store manager from Belgium in 2014, and one of my stores won our annual contest from 2018, but what gave me most energy was seeing teams evolve, get confidence and knowledge to take ownership and really change the game every time it was needed, deliver with passion and get the results they went for. Besides in management roles, I worked few years as an advisor for operational support and development, where my fields were process improvement and team development.

I entered a Master in Business, participated in national and international workshops and conferences in Business development, mindset and work processes, got coached by extraordinary professionals to get deeper understanding why some business are able to grow and others don't, knowing that 80% of business shut down on their first 5yrs, understanding the foundations and basic steps.


My motivation

I've always been inspired by solopreneurs and entrepreneurs, most of my family and many friends choose this pathway, they are passionate, driven risk-takers.

They choose to succeed but many times get overwhelmed and even discourage by time management, priorities set, daily processes, steady strategy, and effective leadership skills for dealing with their teams. This is where my expertise comes in, these skills you can learn and are absolutely game-changing to grow your business. YES, it's possible to accelerate your results with impact and remove the complexity of your daily activities. 

I feel is my duty to share what I've learned over the past years, what can make a real change to driven entrepreneurs to still have a fulfilling and balanced life with no guilt, while growing their business without operating it 24/7.


Impact businesses, increase results, remove complexity and truly connect with internal and external customer.

Help driven solopreneurs, small-to medium entrepreneurs get strong, structured and effective, so they can grow their business without operating 24/7.